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Information for Facilities Hosting Community Events

Facilities hosting church suppers or other community events where food is sold to the public require a license under the Food Premises Regulations

There is no charge for a license issued to a community group who is hosting a fundraising event such as a church supper.

Anyone interested in hosting a church supper or other community event should contact Environmental Health for licensing and to review their food handling and preparation procedures.

All high risk foods such as meat, poultry and seafood must be prepared in a licensed facility.

A recent amendment to the regulations does permit volunteers who are part of a fundraising event to prepare low risk foods (eg. baked goods) in home kitchens and then be donated to a community event.

We encourage everyone involved in food preparation for the public to participate in our free food safety courses, which are happening in various communities this month.

For more information please contact Environmental Health at 1 800 958-6400 or visit our website at

For a direct link to food safety information, click here
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