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Message from Chief Public Health Office on Radon

The Chief Public Health Office recognizes and understands the concern of parents, staff and students regarding radon in the school. At this time, our comments are related to radon and not other aspects of indoor air quality.

Radon is an odourless, colourless gas that occurs naturally in the environment. It is in the air inside and outside. In the outside air, it is distributed in low concentrations. In enclosed areas indoors, the levels of radon may accumulate through. for exa crack in a basement wall.

The risk assessment regarding radon and lung cancer is based on a lifetime exposure of 70 years and 18 hrs/day. This type of risk assessment suggests that any health risk is calculated over longterm and is based on high levels of exposure for 18 hrs/day.

Discussions with Health Canada have reiterated that the risk is small for any long-term health effect from radon.

The Chief Public Health Office and Health Canada also suggest testing one's own home for radon. Radon is found in almost every home or building although concentration levels vary, with higher levels in the winter months. Radon testing should be done over a period of 3 months in your home. 

More information on Radon can be found here

For any further health-related questions regarding Radon, please visit the Chief Public Health Office section of the Health and Wellness website or call our office at 368-4996.
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