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Ways to make your own snacks and meals for on-the-go!

These healthier options may save you some money too!

Plan ahead if you will be out of the house for a while. Pack a snack that will be healthy and keep you satisfied. This may also save money since store bought snacks and restaurant meals can be expensive. Remember to include at least two food groups from Canada’s Food Guide in your snack. For a meal on-the- go combine some of these snack ideas.

Snack ideas:
•    Lower fat yogurt and frozen berries
•    Whole grain crackers and cheese
•    Veggie sticks and yogurt dip
•    Homemade or prepackaged trail mix (dry cereal, dried fruit and unsalted nuts and seeds)
•    Fresh fruit and low fat yogurt
•    Unsalted nuts and fruit (e.g. banana or pear)
•    Slice of whole grain or whole wheat bread or flat bread such as pita with hummus (add veggies on the side if desired)
•    ½ whole grain or whole wheat bagel with peanut butter or nut butter
•    Whole grain crackers or melba toasts with canned light tuna packed in water. For added flavour add lemon, herbs/spices and non fat Greek yogurt.
•    Fruit smoothie made with lower fat yogurt, soy milk or lower fat milk and a blend of your favourite fruits
•    English muffin with melted lower fat cheese and apple slices 
•    Lower fat plain milk or chocolate milk and a banana

Source: Teri McComber and Dieitians of Canada's Healthy Snacks for Adults 
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