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Introduction - Wellness Strategy

Vision Statement

    Prince Edward Islanders live longer, healthier, productive and fulfilling lives through:
  • Supportive communities and environment which make the healthy choice the easy choice
  • Ensuring the supports for living well exist for those who require them
  • Personal choices leading to positive physical and mental health

Islanders have a long history of working together to improve our communities and Province. In times of need, Islanders have always rallied together to support individuals, groups or causes and it is this type of rally required to achieve the objective of a healthier province. Wellness should be everyone’s business and for the advancement of this strategy, efforts will be required from government, communities, schools, workplaces, families and individuals.

The most important factor is that all of these initiatives be coordinated and the actions not done in silos.”
Discussion Paper Respondent

With each stakeholder, there needs to be leadership at many different levels grounded in a common purpose to make the healthy choice the easy choice. As was referenced numerous times in the public consultation process, the easy choice doesn’t always look the same to all Islanders and therefore developing innovative and diverse approaches is necessary to meet the wellness needs of Islanders.

The actions within the strategy are categorized into Five Main Pillars including:
  1. Mental Wellness
  2. Being Physically Active and Reducing Sedentary Time
  3. Living Tobacco-Free
  4. Healthy Eating
  5. Consuming Alcohol Responsibly

Though the pillars are listed individually, the need to address the actions collaboratively across all five pillars is critically important. Many of the risk factors are interrelated and there is a strong link between mental and physical health.

Government must work with all partners and groups on creating healthier environments and improved well being for all Islanders ..” Discussion Paper Respondent

Now is the time for all Islanders to come together to build a healthier future for themselves, their families and their Province. Creating this change will require long term and sustained cooperation with each stakeholder doing their part for the greater good of our Province. Achieving the vision of this strategy can only be realized by all of us “Working Together” to live longer, healthier, productive and fulfilling lives.

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