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Working Together

Vision Prince Edward Islanders live longer, healthier, productive and fulfilling lives through:
  • Supportive communities and environment which make the healthy choice the easy choice
  • Ensuring the supports for living well exist for those who require them
  • Personal choices leading to positive physical and mental health
Guiding Principles Multi-stakeholder Collaboration ◊ Social Determinants of Health ◊ Education with Action ◊ Evidence Based with Local Solutions ◊ Inclusion and Engagement ◊ Sustainable ◊ Accountable
Positive Mental Health Being Physically Active Living Tobacco Free Healthy Eating Consuming Alcohol Responsibly
  • Children/ Youth within school setting
  • Parent education
  • Link between physical and mental health
  • Increase physical literacy and program access for children/youth
  • Policies to create supportive environments
  • Increase programming in areas where gaps exist
  • Prevention activities for late teen/early adults
  • Implementation of the Ottawa model for cessation
  • Improve access to programs, medication and nicotine replacement therapies
  • Enhance existing and development of new Healthy Living Policies
  • Increase education opportunities and skill development
  • Reduce food insecurity
  • Low risk drinking guidelines
  • Prevention and education activities for dangerous drinking habits
Pan- Strategy Activities Education/promotion campaign on being well Strong linkages with other government and NGO strategies Creation of a coordinating committee who sets benchmarks and reports on them
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