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Wellness Grant Recipients 2015

  Group Grant Geography Project Description
1 Adventure Group $3,700 Charlottetown This project will see approximately 100 children (ages 9 - 14) attend nine sessions over a three week period as part of summer programming on the following topics: living an active life, living tobacco-free, healthy eating, drinking responsibly, and mental health.
2 Brain Injury Association of PEI $2,600 GCA Community members who are brain injury survivors will be offered chair yoga and aquafit opportunities geared towards people with mobility issues.  They will also be offered a creative arts program that will help with improving dexterity and mobility issues as well.
3 Canadian Mental Health Association $4,420 Queens Living Life to the Full is an evidence-based, 12-hour, eight-week course offered in a group format to seniors. It is a skills-enhancing course based on cognitive behavioural therapy principles and helps people change how they react to challenges in their lives.
4 Charlottetown Farmers Market $5,000 Charlottetown Nutrition Coupon Program would offer participants $15 worth of coupons for 15 weeks to shop at the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market.  Community partners would identify participants and provide cooking/nutrition education that complements purchases.  Farmers would provide tours of their farms.
5 East Prince Seniors Initiative $2,300 East Prince This is a community mobilization project where a committee would build a network of professionals and interested seniors (and interested individuals) to organize and deliver healthy eating seminars and activities.
6 East Prince Community Coalition Inc. (Family Place) $5,000 Summerside Establishing a mom-to-mom breastfeeding support group (recruitment, training and program delivery) which supports the process of receiving BFI (Breastfeeding Friendly Initiative) designation.
7 Heart & Stroke Foundation - Sugar Sweetened Beverages $5,000 Province-wide An online Sugary Drink Challenge will encourage families to reduce sugary drink consumption and increase consumption of healthy drinks (i.e. water, milk).
8 Heart and Stroke Foundation – Dance for Stroke Survivors $2,100 Charlottetown Adult stroke survivors and their loved one/care partner will take part in a pilot project that will engage them in movement and physical activity to continue their physical recovery post stroke through "dance/movement". This project is expected to have a positive effect on their self efficacy and perception of disability.
9 Holland College Food Bank Committee $2,500 Summerside Lunch & Learn sessions will be hosted regarding buying and preparing whole foods on a budget.  This project will support food skills among students and improved usage and organization of the existing campus food bank.
10 Inner City Life Skills Inc $3,000 Charlottetown Summer day camp for children 7-12 years of age will provide basic food literacy skills, sports skills, and positive coping skills.  These will build concepts of fair play, self esteem, and relationships through modelling and hands-on experiences.
11 La Coalition Actions pour enfants $5,000 Province-wide The goal is to develop age appropriate and culturally relevant life skills that have the potential to contribute to mental health and wellness. This is done via the Handle with Care Program which is used to educate francophone parents and caregivers on age-appropriate and culturally relevant life skills that enhance children’s well being and set the stage for positive mental health throughout life.
12 La Leche League $4,920 Province-wide This project will work toward making breastfeeding the cultural norm through a social media campaign and by encouraging a more welcoming atmosphere for breastfeeding in public by providing “Make Breastfeeding Your Business” kits for Island businesses.
13 Le comite acadien et francophone de l'Est $2,500 Eastern Kings This project will educate Francophone children and youth on the importance of Healthy Eating and Physical activity through weekly hands-on experiences.
14 L'Association des francophones d’age d'or de I.P.E. (FOAIPE) $3,000 Abrams Village Monthly activities (October- March) for seniors will be offered.  Different topics will be presented in the morning – stress, diet, mental health and relaxation, benefits of physical activity, etc. and the afternoon will be spent doing physical activities adapted for the senior population.
15 Main Street Family Resource Centre $4,000 Eastern Kings Parents and children in the Eastern Kings area will be offered weekly hands-on educational opportunities (exercise opportunities, outdoor recreational field trips, and healthy eating education) to improve skills and knowledge and create a supportive environment for families.
16 The Mount Community Council $3,000 Charlottetown A series of educational seminars will be provided to better educate residents and community members on the benefits of local food production and to promote interest in participating in The Mount's community garden project. The Mount’s growing spaces will supply the facility’s kitchen and provide donations to the Ch’town Food Bank.
17 Native Council $2,500 Province-wide This project will offer workshops to help teach islanders of all ages how to eat traditional and healthy foods and how to get active and lead a healthy life.  Each session will promote culture, inter-generational bonding and a healthy community. The project also involves the start-up of A.A. and Al anon groups.
18 Pathways Youth Program $5,000 Charlottetown As part of free summer camp for youth 12-16 years of age, funds provided will provide life skills, hands on learning opportunities, and will challenge youth reasoning for unhealthy choices though role-modeling and education. 
19 PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada $4,000 Charlottetown This project would offer refugee and immigrant youth weekly opportunities to increase physical activity, improve and promote healthy eating, and mental health awareness.  This project would also build social networking opportunities, skills, and confidence in the youth.
20 PEI Food Exchange $5,000 Charlottetown The Community Food Mentor Program is a capacity building initiative that seeks to increase community food security and build partnerships through a shared learning/training experience that increases the exchange of information on food skills, healthy eating practices and local food sourcing. Individuals receive certification as Community Food Mentors and are encouraged to share their skills in food and nutrition within their own communities.
21 PEI Home & School Federation $3,500 Province-wide Home and school members will arrange for presenters to come and lead parents and school staff through meaningful discussions relating to various aspects of mental health and mental illness.  During the information sessions, age appropriate activities for children and youth with a focus on physical activity will be held.  These sessions will be held in all families of schools.
22 PEI Reach Foundation $3,000 Province-wide Work adjustment Program clients (all recovering from addictions) will take part in half-day training sessions in various areas (healthy eating/nutrition, meal preparation, maintenance of a fitness centre, safe operation of fitness equipment, smoking education and cessation groups, proper stretching techniques, guided meditation, recreational sports, etc.), with the final week involving practical demonstration of learned concepts.  Materials used in training will be compiled into handbooks/manuals for future use by clients.
23 Recreation PEI $4,000 Province-wide The objective for this pilot project is to find volunteer champions across the Island to create sustainable walking clubs. Champions from 8 communities will receive a facilitator guide to help lead walking clubs which aim to remove barriers associated with weather and accessibility.
24 Seniors College $3,200 Province-wide This project will add a ''Suite of Health Related'' courses targeting physical activity, healthy eating, and mental health, and potentially tobacco reduction and alcohol consumption. It will encourage participants to look at what they are doing now and make changes that will lead them to healthier living and better functioning.
25 UPEI Department of Psychology $5,000 West Prince Create a forum theatre troupe in western PEI dedicated to creating wellness based on the determinants of health. Mothers of young children will be provided with skills and training in forum theatre that provide strategies to deal with challenging situations.  By learning from each other women will create new opportunities for changing their immediate and community environments to improve life skills and foster the conditions for wellness.  The end of the project includes a community presentation to both teach and inspire peers to join in the work.
26 UPEI Chaplaincy Center $850 Charlottetown ‘Soup for the Soul’ will offer a monthly gathering for students and the campus community by creating a supportive environment for positive community engagement through nutritious and low cost meal preparation.  Food and Nutrition and University 203 Leadership Class students will assist in the initiative.   This project will be linked to another UPEI food security project offered through the Student Union.
27 UPEI Student Union $950 Charlottetown The community kitchen would allow a group of mostly students, but also include staff and faculty members, to get together once a month and cook and eat a meal together.  Participants will learn new recipes that focus on being cost effective and healthy.   This project will be linked to another UPEI food security project offered through the Chaplaincy Centre.
28 Western Region Sport and Recreation Council $5,000 West Prince Twice a month participants will be taken on excursions (e.g. snowshoeing, hiking, geocaching, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, archery) followed by a one hour education session/activity on topics such as meditation, mindfulness, focusing, acceptance and balancing. A healthy snack will be provided to introduce new healthy foods and educate them on the importance of healthy eating.
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