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Healthy School Communities

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Healthy School Policies

Policies help to promote health and well-being and to shape a respectful, welcoming and caring school environment. A variety of healthy school policies exist to support the health and well-being of students such as the prevention of bullying, harassment, and discrimination, tobacco/alcohol/drug use ban, school nutrition, and others to support a healthy, safe, and caring environment.

  1. Policies, Regulations and Directives of the Former Eastern School District (ESD)

    • Tobacco Product Usage Ban
    • School Safety
    • Caring Places to Learn/Safe School Environment
    • School Nutrition
    • Alcohol and Other Drugs: The Use/Abuse/Misuse
    • Superintendent's Directive - High Energy Drinks

  2. Policies, Procedures and Guidelines of the Former Western School Board (WSB)

    • Bullying, Harassment & Discrimination
    • Harmful and/or Unlawful Substance Use
    • Tobacco Use by Students
    • Nutrition Policy
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