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Healthy School Communities

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National Partnerships and Services

The Joint Consortium for School Health (JCSH), which is housed in PEI from 2010-2015, is a leader in supporting the advancement of comprehensive school health in Canada. Its membership is made up of key health and education representatives responsible for school health within each province and territory along with the federal government.

Established in 2005, the Joint Consortium for School Health serves as a catalyst to:

  • strengthen cooperation among governments, agencies, departments, and others in support of healthy schools;
  • build the capacity of the health and education sectors to work together more effectively and efficiently; and
  • promote understanding of, and support for, the concept and benefits of comprehensive school health initiatives.

The JCSH has recently developed a number of resources and toolkits which are intended to support schools in assessing their health promoting environments and providing tools to help them with their planning and implementation.
Healthy School Planner
Healthy school environments help students succeed academically and prepare youth to make healthy choices as adults. A global movement is growing that recognizes the direct influence schools can have on positive student health. The Healthy School Planner is a free tool that schools can use to assess the current health environment and build a plan to make improvements.

Positive Mental Health Toolkit
This toolkit has been designed to help schools promote positive mental health perspectives within the school environment. Positive mental health does not represent another program or initiative to be added to the workload of staff or implemented through a rigid structure. Instead, the toolkit is meant to facilitate a shift in practice, and to support a process for engaging school and community strengths in fostering the positive growth and development of children and youth.

View the Toolkit in PDF format


Youth Engagement Toolkit
The Pan Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health's (JCSH) Youth Engagement (YE) Toolkit is intended to:

  1. Help communicate the importance of youth engagement as a key approach to implementing comprehensive school health;
  2. Provide research and rationale for practicing youth engagement in schools, school boards and districts, government ministries, health regions and community organizations;
  3. Provide a "how-to" resource of effective practices to support youth engagement in these contexts.

View the Youth Engagement Toolkit in PDF format

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