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Highway Safety Division

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Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Helmet Safety In Prince Edward Island, persons of all ages must wear properly certified bicycle helmets at all times while riding bicycles on the highway.

Bicycle Safety Guidelines


See Sections 194 (1) & 194 (2) of the Highway Traffic Act 


Bike Helmet Safety Brochure [PDF]

Questions and Answers

When did the mandatory bike safety helmet law go into effect?
The law came into effect July 5, 2003.

Who has to wear a safety helmet?

Anyone riding a bicycle, regardless of age, whether a cyclist or a passenger, must wear an approved bicycle safety helmet regardless of where the bicyclist is cycling.

Does a child in a trailer, pulled by a bicycle, require a safety helmet?
The law is for riders and passengers. A child in a trailer is considered a passenger and must wear an approved safety helmet.

Who pays the fine?

Parents are responsible for children under the age of 16 who ride without an approved bicycle helmet. Adults aged 16 and older who ride without an approved helmet could be fined.

How much is the fine? 
The fine is $100 plus a $20 surcharge. Those ticketed have the option to pay the fine or take part in an education session called Noggin' Knowledge, a graphic two-hour session detailing the importance of wearing a helmet and consequences of not using the safety gear.

How often should my safety helmet be replaced?
After any high-impact collision or if the safety helmet is damaged.

Should I wear a safety helmet even on my own property?
Yes, you should wear a safety helmet every time you ride a bicycle.

How do I know if I have an approved safety helmet?
Helmets should have a label located on the inside of the helmet with one of the following approvals: Snell, CSA, or ASTM.

Where do most bicycle injuries occur?
Most bicycle injuries occur only a short distance from home, and can happen on bicycle trails, paths, and roadways. The majority of injuries occur when a cyclist runs into a post, a pedestrian, another bike, or rides over a pothole.

Does the law require that a safety helmet be worn when riding a tricycle?
The helmet law is only in effect for bicycles. However, it is recommended that a safety helmet be worn for additional protection when riding a tricycle, as it will establish good safety habits at an early age.

Should I buy a safety helmet that's big so my child will grow into it?
No, the effectiveness of the helmet is reduced if the helmet is not properly fitted.

Where can I purchase a safety helmet?
Any sporting goods store or major department stores.

What does a safety helmet cost? Helmets range in price from $15 and up.

How do I know what type of helmet to buy?
Helmets fit according to a persons head size. There are three types of helmets: child, youth and adult.

Am I required to wear my safety helmet on the Confederation Trail?

Yes, you are required by law to wear your safety helmet on the Confederation Trail.
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For more information on bicycle safety, please refer to sections 194 (1) & 194 (2) of the Highway Traffic Act.

For more information on bicycle helmet safety, please read the Bicycle Safety Helmet Regulations.
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