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Highway Safety Division

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School Bus Safety

School buses in Prince Edward Island are specially marked and equipped with alternating amber and red flashing lights.

Alternating flashing amber lights are displayed before a school bus stops to pick up or let off students. Drivers should be alert for students when these lights are flashing and be prepared to stop. Reduce speed and proceed with caution. 

When passing a school bus that does not have flashing lights on, do so with caution.

Alternating flashing red lights are used when the school bus is stopped to pick up or let off students. When a driver is approaching a school bus with the flashing red lights activated, the driver must stop the vehicle not less than 6 metres (20 feet) from the front or rear of the bus. Remain stopped until the flashing red lights stop flashing.

It is illegal and dangerous to pass a school bus when the lights are flashing. Many school buses are now equipped with cameras to capture any vehicle's licence plate that passes a school bus when the red lights are flashing.

What is the fine for not stopping?

The fine for passing a school bus when the red lights are flashing is up to $5,000 and a loss of 8 demerit points.

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