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1 Churchill Avenue / William L. Cotton House

Heritage Resource (Charlottetown)

  • 1 Churchill Avenue
  • Charlottetown
  • Also called: 1 Brighton Avenue
  • Construction Date: 1904
  • Latitude: 46.23388
  • Longitude: -63.13909
  • Place Description
  • Why is this place important?
  • Special Characteristics

Place Description

1 Churchill Avenue is a Queen Anne Revival influenced cottage constructed of wood and stone located on the corner of Churchill Avenue and North River Road. An attractive home, it was designed by renowned architect, William Critchlow Harris (1854-1913) for his nephew, Robert L. Cotton (1881-1968). The home's original address was 1 Brighton Avenue, but was later changed to 1 Churchill Avenue, when the name of the street was changed. The designation encompasses the building's exterior and parcel; it does not include the building's interior.

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