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Trinity United Church

Registered Historic Place (Summerside)

  • 90 Spring Street
  • Summerside
  • Also called: Summerside Methodist Church
  • Construction Date: 1893 - 1894
  • Latitude: 46.39466
  • Longitude: -63.78956
  • Place Description
  • Why is this place important?
  • Special Characteristics

Place Description

This large church building at the southwest corner of Spring and Winter Streets is home to the congregation of Trinity United Church of Summerside. Having been spared from destruction in the Great Fire of 1906, it is the oldest standing church building still in use in the original Town of Summerside. It is a Gothic Revival design by the prominent Summerside architect/builder George E. Baker. It is clad in white vinyl and decorative cedar shingles.

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