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Human Rights Award - December 2009


Reverend Eric G. Fullerton, Ray Malone (missing from
photo Pat Malone) and Acting Chair Anne Nicholson

In 2009, the Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission presented its second annual Human Rights Award for the Advancement of Human Rights on PEI.  The award was presented in conjunction with the celebration of International Human Rights Day on December 10, 2009.  The Commission created the Award to recognize individuals, groups or organizations that have made significant contributions toward the advancement of human rights on Prince Edward Island.

The recipient of the Award is selected based on exceptional achievement on a volunteer basis in promoting human rights and equality in Prince Edward Island.

The recipients of the 2009 award were Reverend Eric G. Fullerton and Ray and Pat Malone. The Award was presented by Anne Nicholson, Acting Chair.

Eric Fullerton and Pat and Ray Malone made a significant contribution to the advancement of Human Rights on PEI in particular the rights of persons who are Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Two-Spirited or "GLBT".

In 2004 and 2005 they presented a series of workshops called, "Creating Safe Communities" in Summerside and Montague. During these workshops members of the GLBT community told their stories of growing up with homophobia, prejudice, anger, hatred and discrimination based solely on their sexual orientation. Participants were shocked to hear of such hatred on PEI.

They have held open meetings and public events to bring the fight for equality for the GLBT community and their families to the attention of Islanders.

In 2006 Pat and Ray gave a workshop at the PEI Teachers’ Convention. In this they shared and demonstrated lesson plans and teaching concepts to help schools deal with homophobia in the classroom setting.

Ray and Eric accepted the award on behalf of Pat who was very ill. We were saddened to hear of Pat’s death in January 2010.  


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