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Responding to a Complaint

After the complaint is filed and accepted by the Commission, the Administrative/Intake Officer sends a copy of the complaint and a response form to the Respondent. The Respondent has 30 calendar days to file a written response to the complaint with the Commission.

The Respondent should address the allegations set out in the complaint. It is helpful if the Respondent provides dates, places, and the full names of anyone involved. The response form asks the Respondent to suggest how the complaint could be best resolved. The Respondent must sign and date the response form. Any documents that the Respondent feels are relevant to the complaint may be attached to the response form.

When the Administrative/Intake Officer receives a response to the complaint, a copy of the response is sent to the Complainant. The Complainant has 30 calendar days to submit comments in reply to the response. Again, Commission staff are available to answer questions on the Act or on the complaint process, but not on the outcome of the complaint.

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