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Areas of Discrimination Protected

Areas of Discrimination Protected Include:

  • Accommodations: such as staying at a hotel, motel or inn, or renting a campsite or an apartment.
  • Employment: such as applying for a job, working on the job, being paid, being dismissed from a job or attending work related social activities.
  • Lease or Sale of Property: such as renting land or buying a home.
  • Membership in Professional, Business or Trade Associations and Employee Organizations: such as participating in any group listed, including unions.
  • Publications, Broadcasts, Public Displays, and Advertisements: such as posting hate symbols in public places or broadcasting hate propaganda .
  • Services and Facilities Available to the Public: such as using public transportation, dining at a restaurant, attending school or accessing a provincial government service.
  • Volunteer Work: such as applying to volunteer, volunteering, or being asked to step down from a volunteer position.
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