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Student Grants and Loans Programs

Full-Time Study

Full-time student loan funding in Prince Edward Island is based on two programs, the Canada Student Loans Program and the Prince Edward Island Student Loans Program. Refer to the examples of available funding.

Prince Edward Island students enrolled in full-time studies at UPEI, Holland College or Collège Acadie Î.-P-É. may be eligible for bursaries and awards offered by the Government of Prince Edward Island. There is no application for these awards. Student eligibility is determined by the post-secondary institution. The award is automatically placed in the student's school account in January.
  • George Coles Bursary
  • Island Student Award
  • Island Skills Award
  • Prince Edward Island Debt Reduction Grant

  • Canada Student Grants

    The Canada Student Loans Program includes seven grants which are available to eligible full-time students. Student loan application forms must be completed along with a grant application (some grants (as indicated) do not require separate applications.


    Part-time Study

    The Canada Student Loans Program for Part-time Studies is available for part-time students to help with educational costs such as tuition, books, transportation and child care.

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