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Private Training Schools

Private training schools, sometimes called career colleges, offer post-secondary vocational training to prepare students for employment in an occupational field.  Areas of opportunity include accounting and business, office administration, truck-driving, hairdressing and aesthetics, flying, computer technology, counselling, nursing-home and personal care, heavy-equipment operation, travel and tourism, call-centre service, classroom teaching assistance, etc. These schools are privately owned and usually operate as for-profit businesses although some are non-profit.

Because students commit a lot of time and money to this kind of career preparation and because employers count on training to produce competent employees, the Government of Prince Edward Island (and every other province) has law to regulate private training schools. The chief aim is (1) to protect students, to ensure that schools are stable, so that students are not likely to be stranded part-way through their training, and (2) that training is satisfactory according to expectations in the industry, to ensure graduates are employable.

The law sets out standards and requirements regarding things like:

  • curricular content
  • methodology
  • learning materials
  • instructor qualifications
  • instructional facilities
  • security bonding
  • operational practices (contract, refunds, fees etc)

For Prospective Students

For Prospective Operators

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