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Accelerated Secondary Apprenticeship Program - Youth Apprenticeship

Youth Apprenticeship or
Accelerated Secondary Youth Apprenticeship Program (ASAP)
Youth Apprenticeship is for students wanting to explore their trade career options and gain a head-start on the post secondary apprenticeship training program while working toward their Grade 12 diploma. Check out
To be eligible for the Youth Apprenticeship Program you must be:
  • 16 years of age
  • enrolled in school
  • working (paid employment) in a designated trade under a suitable employer
Once you find a job, an Application for Apprenticeship must be filled out and the original sent to the Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator. Once approved,
  • You will receive a log book. This log book is a record of your time and skills gained while working.
  • You keep this record book for the entire 3-4 years of your training. It is to be filled out by all your employers.
You may receive apprenticeship credit for time in your high school trades courses or co-op education courses. Contact us at (902) 368-4460 for forms and details.
Youth apprentices graduating from high school can apply, if they meet all the criteria, for the $1,000 Youth Apprenticeship Award ($500 credit toward Holland College and $500 cash to the recipient).
If you are attending Holland College you may be eligible for a student loan or bursary.  Contact Student Financial Services or check out Holland College's Awards.


For more information please contact:

The Apprenticeship Section                   
Tel:  (902) 368-4460     Fax: (902) 368-6144

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