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Certification for Trades Persons

To become certified as a journeyperson in PEI, you are required to meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have Successfully Completed an Apprenticeship Program - A Certificate of Apprenticeship and a Certificate of Qualification will be issued to graduates upon successful completion of an apprenticeship program. In an interprovincial occupation/trade, an Interprovincial Red Seal will be affixed to the Completion of Apprenticeship Certificate and the Certificate of Qualification.
  • Have Successfully Completed the Certification Exam based on Occupational Experience (Time in Trade) - A Certificate of Qualification will be issued upon proof of required practical experience and successful writing of the certification examination.  In an interprovincial trade, an Interprovincial Red Seal will be affixed to the Certificate of Qualification.
  • Have Provincial or Interprovincial Status from another Canadian jurisdiction - A provincial Certificate of Qualification will be issued in a trade designated on PEI without further examination upon proof of provincial and/or interprovincial status from another province/territory in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Where can I get information about apprenticeship or certification in a specific trade?

If you would like to have information on apprenticeship and certification in your specific trade, choose from the list of trades on the righthand of the Apprenticeship homepage.

2.   What is a Certificate of Qualification?

A Certificate of Qualification is a document issued to a person who has met the provisions of the Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Act and General Regulations, by writing and passing a certification examination for a designated trade. The Certificate of Qualification, along with an identification card, confirms the person has demonstrated his or her competence in a specific trade and has met all of the requirements for certification.

In the case of trades in which the interprovincial exam is written and passed, the Red Seal Endorsement is affixed the provincial Certificate of Qualification.

3.   What is a journeyperson?

A journeyperson is someone who has met the requirements for writing the relevant interprovincial or provincial certification examination, has successfully passed the certification examination and has received a Certificate of Qualification for his/her trade.

4.   What is a tradesperson?

A tradesperson is someone other than an apprentice who works for renumeration at any designated trade, including an employer who works.

5.   What is a Trade Qualifier?

A trade qualifier is an individual with extensive practical work experience who applies and is approved to challenge the Certificate of Qualification examination in a designated trade.

6.   In which trades can I get certified in PEI?

  You can look up the trade you are interested in on this list of Designated Trades.

7.   What is the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program? Who administers the Red Seal Program and how does it work?  What is the Red Seal Examination?

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