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Volunteer Hours for Community Service Bursary Program

Examples of acceptable volunteer hours:

  • Coaching/officiating for non-profit sporting leagues/teams
  • Teaching catechism and/or Sunday school
  • Camp counselor/assistant
  • Hospital volunteer
  • Office assistant/labour assistant with non-profit Island-based organizations
  • Before-school breakfast programs
  • Tutoring/mentoring after-school hours only
  • Assisting with community fund-raising activities, ie organizing, preparing, serving and tear down

Examples of volunteer hours that are not acceptable:

  • Direct fund-raising activities; no canvassing or selling of merchandise. Not permitted to handle any money
  • House cleaning/janitorial duties; must be meaningful work that develops career and leadership skills
  • Volunteering during school hours. Peer tutoring and library work must be done after school hours
  • Volunteer hours completed for organizations not approved for the Community Service Bursary program
  • Volunteer hours completed for organizations that are for profit
  • Volunteer hours completed if you are a member, associate or trainee of the organization, for example, cadet academies and boards
  • Volunteer hours for political organizations or elections
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