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Community Service Bursary Program opportunity for students to earn a bursary for volunteering

The program is designed to:

  • offer Island students in Grades 11 and 12, who plan to attend any post-secondary institution, a bursary in recognition of volunteer work performed in their communities;
  • encourage volunteerism, support volunteer organizations and assist young people in achieving their educational goals;
  • improve access for youth to attend post-secondary education by offering financial assistance;
  • increase and encourage attendance at post-secondary institutions;
  • provide youth with new experiences in their communities;
  • develop a sense of community responsibility in youth;
  • develop career and leadership skills; and
  • provide meaningful services in Island communities.


Prince Edward Island students in grades 11 and 12, who plan to attend a post-secondary institution, are eligible for a Community Service Bursary. Students may register to volunteer as soon as they are promoted to grade 11. The bursary is calculated at a rate of $5 per hour. Students are required to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours or up to a maximum of 100 hours. (30 hrs = $150 and 100 hrs = $500).

A community service bursary is valid for up to one year following graduation from high school. Bursaries will be issued to the post-secondary institution in late November and will be applied to the student’s account.

Participating organizations must be non-profit and non-political. Fund-raising activities do not qualify as volunteer work and the students must not displace paid employees. Volunteer work cannot form part of students' academic studies, be related to extra curricular school activities, school sporting events, and no volunteer hours can be accumulated during school hours.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Finding their volunteer placements from the list of registered organizations posted on this website. They may also request an unregistered organization to register but no volunteer hours can be counted until the organization has received approval.
  • Sign a Student/Organization Service agreement and ensure the organization submits this form to the Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning prior to beginning your volunteer hours (available online).
  • Submit your student information sheet upon graduation from grade 12 to the Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning (available online).

Terms and Conditions

Volunteer Organizations are to be non-profit and must be registered in the Community Service Bursary Program. Only on-Island volunteering will qualify.

Volunteer work is to provide students with new and meaningful experiences in their communities, and to develop career and leadership skills.

The volunteer opportunity must not result in the dismissal, lay-off, or reduction of work of any current employee or volunteer.

The Organization must provide supervision while the student is volunteering and log and submit each student's volunteer hours.

A parent/guardian cannot sign the student's hours or service agreements.

Work in direct fund-raising activities does not qualify and the volunteer cannot be involved in the handling of any money.

Volunteer activities for political organizations does not qualify.

Volunteer work related to extracurricular school activities and school sporting events do not qualify.

Volunteer work must not interfere with participant's academics and no volunteer hours can be counted during school hours.

Volunteer work that is required as part of student academic studies does not qualify. The volunteer hours required as part of the International Baccalaureate program or other award programs cannot be used for the Community Service Bursary.

Participants may accumulate hours from more than one organization and will receive a credit for a minimum of 30 hours and a maximum of 100 hours at a rate of $5 per hour.

Volunteer hours may be earned as soon as the student completes grade ten up until June 30 of their grade 12 year (maximum of 2 years).

The Community Service Bursary may be put on hold up to September 30 of the year following the student's high school graduation (Maximum 1 academic year). If the student does not register at a post-secondary institution by September, one year following graduation, the student forfeits the Community Service Bursary.

The Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning shall not be liable for any accident or situation that might occur while the student is volunteering for an Organization.

The Community Service Bursary has no cash value to the participant and is not transferable. The Community Service Bursary is applied as a credit to tuition at a post-secondary institution in November of the year following the student's graduation.

T4A slips will be issued for the Community Service Bursary; therefore Social Insurance Numbers are required on the Student Information Sheet.

Contact Information

Student Financial Services
(902) 368-4640

Community Service Bursary Information


Community Service Bursary Organization Registration Form
Community Service Bursary Student/Organization Service Agreement
Community Service Bursary Volunteer Hours Form
Community Service Bursary Student Information Sheet

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