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November 10, 2015
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Support announced for training program to up-skill workers at DME

Workforce and Advanced Learning

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Support for a training program at Diversified Metal Engineering LTD. (DME) under the Canada-PEI Job Grant was officially announced today by Workforce and Advanced Learning Minister Richard Brown.

“DME’s training program for employees in brewery equipment fabrication will enhance their skill-sets, particularly in the areas of technology and new processes, and enhance the company’s long term competitiveness,” said the minister. “Because of programs like this one, we continue to collaborate with the private sector to improve our workforce in Prince Edward Island, and address existing skill gaps for business and industry.”

DME, located in Charlottetown, specializes in the design and fabrication of craft brewery equipment for customers around the world. Due to growth in the craft brew industry, DME is experiencing a significant demand for its products. To respond to the need to hire and train additional employees, DME has developed a customized training system which uses the latest in learning technologies. The direct benefits of this streamlined training process include: increased productivity, improved work quality and safety practices; increased employee satisfaction; and improvements in employee retention.

“At DME, we pride ourselves on hiring highly motivated individuals who want to work for an organization that helps them acquire new skills and make a measurable contribution to an organization. And for this reason, training has become a crucial recruiting tool for DME,” said President Peter Toombs. “As we near the end of Phase 3 of our training program, our trained employees have developed into highly skilled and productive workers, who will hopefully stay with our company well into the future. To date, I am pleased with the training program outcomes and look forward to continuing the program with all new hires.”

Through SkillsPEI, DME’s advanced skills training program enables DME to contribute to a more skilled workforce, while helping to ensure sustained business growth and prosperity for its employees. Delivered over 21 weeks, the program includes building essential skills; a vessel building overview; and basic technical skills, tool use, and safety practices. In addition, hands-on instruction through job shadowing, microteaching, practice on the bench, and Friday Focus instruction takes place after the initial week of training.

To date, more than 30 DME employees are current users of the training program, and approximately 30 additional employees are beginning the process.

The program was developed and delivered through Workplace Learning PEI Inc. and made possible by the Province of Prince Edward Island, through the Canada-PEI Job Grant ($80,256 contribution to date), and Diversified Metal Engineering ($40,128 contribution to date).

Media Contact: Sheila Kerry
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