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Collaboration on health care achieves results for Canadians
Work has focused on the priority areas of pharmaceuticals, appropriateness of care, and seniors care, including aging in place and early diagnosis and treatment of dementia.

Through work in their respective jurisdictions and their collaboration on the Health Care Innovation Working Group (HCIWG), Canada's Premiers have demonstrated their commitment to enhancing Canadians’ health care and achieving better value for money across health care systems.

Supporting infrastructure for job creation and economic growth
Provincial and territorial infrastructure investments account for roughly two per cent of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product.

Canada’s Premiers discussed the importance of infrastructure to job creation and economic growth. Reliable, resilient infrastructure boosts productivity, supports strong communities, protects public safety, helps manage congestion, and facilitates getting goods to market.

Improving international market access
(L-R): Chinese Ambassador to Canada Luo Zhaohui and Premier Robert Ghiz.

Premier Robert Ghiz will lead a trade mission of Canada's Premiers to China in October. In 2013, Canada-China exports were valued at $20.5 billion and imports were valued at $52.7 billion.

Premiers’ Task Force to support Chair’s Initiative on Aging
By 2033, Canadians over 65 will represent almost one quarter of the population.

A new task force led by Premier Robert Ghiz will look at the social and economic impacts of Canada's aging population.

Report confirms fiscal disparity
Canada’s Premiers are meeting in Charlottetown this week.

Canada's Premiers today discussed a new report by the Conference Board of Canada about the growing fiscal disparity between the federal and provincial-territorial governments.

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