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New Website
The Government of Prince Edward Island has a new website -

Important Notice
In the event of a storm delay or closure, a notice will be posted and updated on the new government website. To ensure you have information that is accurate and current, please use


RSS Help

What is a RSS feed? RSS
An RSS feed helps you keep up with websites you visit often by pulling all the content into one place.  An RSS feed constantly checks your favourite news sites, web pages or blogs.

How do I get started to use an RSS feed?

To use a RSS feed, the first step is to suscribe to a news reader or news aggregator (see sample list of readers below).  These programs pull all your selected RSS feeds into one place for you to browse at your convenience.

How do I use Government of PEI RSS feeds?

To subscribe, simply click on any RSS icon and add to your favourite RSS reader.

Where can I get an RSS news reader?

There are many news readers available on the web. Some can be downloaded for free (or for a free trial), while others charge for more features or customizable options. When choosing your software, keep in mind that certain readers will work better on different operating systems. A web-based reader is a great option for beginners: There is nothing to download, and you can access your headlines from any computer.

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RSS Bandit


Google Reader

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