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November 15, 2011
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Departmental Changes Reflect Need to Streamline Provincial Government

Premier's Office

Premier Robert Ghiz today announced changes in the organization of Government which will reduce the number of departments from 11 to 10.

The former Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry and the Department of Justice and Public Safety will be replaced by a new Department of Environment, Labour and Justice – which will be headed by the Hon. Janice Sherry.

Other changes will see the Energy file move to Finance, Energy and Municipal Affairs under the leadership of the Hon. Wes Sheridan.

Forestry returns to the Department of Agriculture, with the Hon. George Webster as Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

The Premier announced he will assume responsibility for Aboriginal Affairs within his Intergovernmental Affairs Secretariat.

The Premier also announced changes to his senior management team. In making these changes, he indicated that there will be a reduction in the size of the province’s senior management through reorganization and vacancy management.

The Premier also indicated that the changes needed to reflect emerging priorities for the new Government. “We need to bolster and strengthen our Government’s focus – particularly as it relates to financial management, growing the private sector through new jobs and exports and strengthening our policy capacity in other key areas.”

Members named to Government’s Deputy Minister’s Council include:

• Deputy Minister, Finance, Energy and Municipal Affairs (Mr. Steve MacLean)

• Deputy Minister, Innovation and Advanced Learning (Ms. Melissa MacEachern)

• Deputy Minister, Health and Wellness (Dr. Michael Mayne)

• Deputy Minister, Environment, Labour and Justice (Ms. Shauna Sullivan Curley, LL.B.)

• Deputy Minister, Education and Early Childhood Development (Dr. Sandy MacDonald)

• Deputy Minister, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (Mr. Brian Douglas)

• Deputy Minister, Community Services and Seniors (Ms. Carole Anne Duffy)

• Deputy Minister, Agriculture and Forestry (Mr. John MacQuarrie)

• Deputy Minister, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Rural Development (Mr. Richard Gallant)

• Deputy Minister, Tourism and Culture with senior responsibility for PEI 150 (Mr. David MacKenzie)

• Secretary, Cabinet and Clerk, Executive Council (Mr. Rory Beck)

• Secretary, Operations Committee and Deputy Minister, Intergovernmental and Public Affairs (Mr. Matt McGuire)

• Secretary, Policy Board Secretariat (Ms. Wendy MacDonald)

• Secretary, Economic, Trade and Population Secretariat (Mr. Sandy Stewart)

• Chief Finance Officer and CIO (Mr. Doug Clow, CA)

• CEO, Public Service Commission (Aidan Sheridan)

• CEO, Workers Compensation Board (Ms. Sharon Cameron)

• CEO, Innovation PEI (Ms. Cheryl Paynter, CA)

• CEO, Finance PEI Designate (Mr. Neil Stewart, CA)

• ADM, Acadian and Francophone Affairs Secretariat (Mr. Aubrey Cormier)

The Premier welcomed Ms. Paynter to the provincial public service. Ms. Paynter is a former VP with the DP Murphy Inc, a past-president of the Charlottetown Chamber of Commerce and a Governor with the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council. The Premier also thanked outgoing Deputy Minister of Health and Wellness, Ms. Tracey Cutcliffe who is returning to work in the private sector.

See Departmental Backgrounder for details of the reorganization.

Media Contact: Geoff Townsend
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