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J. Elmer Blanchard Building

Here you can learn about on site sewer requirements, obtain a building permit, an elevator permit, approval to subdivide land and obtain electrical, plumbing, boiler and pressure vessel and propane gas inspections.



(31 Gordon Drive)
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For More Information
31 Gordon Drive
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 6B8

Services Available Here

Boilers, Pressure Vessels, and Liquified Petroleum (LP) Gas

Installation / Alteration Permit for Boilers or Pressure Vessels

Liquified Petroleum (LP) Gas Dispenser Operator License

Liquified Petroleum (LP) Gas Personnel License

Liquified Petroleum (LP) Gas Plant License

Mechanical Contractor's License

Power Engineer License

Practical Test for a Pressure Welder/Brazer License

Building and Development

Burning Permit for Buildings

Change of Use Permit

Development and Change of Use Permit

Entrance Way Permit

Subdivision of Land

Drinking Water

Well Driller's License

Efficiency PEI

Commercial Energy Audit Program

Elevators and Lifts

Elevator and Lifts Contractor's License

Elevator and Lifts Installer's Registration

Elevator Drawings and Specifications for Approval


Energy Efficiency Grants and Information

Environmental Impact and Site Assessment

Coastal Erosion and Flood Risk Assessment

Site Suitability Assessment

Funding for Environmental Projects

Watershed Management Fund

Hazardous Materials

Ozone Depleting or Regulated Substances

Petroleum Storage Tank or Tank System - Installation or Alteration

Licenses, Permits, and Certificates

Amusement Device Operation


Home Heat Tanks


Plumbing Contractor License

Plumbing Permit


Septic Contractor Licence

Sewage Disposal (Septic) Systems

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