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Shaw Building

Named in honour of Walter R. Shaw, Premier of Prince Edward Island from 1959 to 1966.

Shaw Building Barrier Free Parking

Designated parking spaces are provided for disabled parking permit holders at each of the two entrances to the building at 95 and 105 Rochford Street.

Both the north and south entrances are equipped with electric door operators and lead directly to the elevator lobby’s.

There are additional designated on street parking spaces around the complex that can be used.

Please see barrier free parking under the Jones and Sullivan Buildings.



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For More Information
95-105 Rochford Street
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 7N8

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Aboriginal Affairs

John J. Sark Memorial Scholarships

Business Licences and Registration

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Trans Canada Trail Discovery Program

Visitor Information Centres

Deposits, Fees and Licenses

911 Cost Recovery Fee Collection and Return

Application for an Entertainment Device License

Diversity and Equity

Diversity Employment Program

Environment Tax

Register to Collect Environment Tax

Financial Corporation Capital Tax

Financial Corporation Capital Tax - Annual and Monthly Returns

Gasoline Tax

Declaration of Income for Tax Exemption Permit Applications

Fuel Tax Exemption

Gasoline Tax Refund

Gasoline Tax Self-declaration

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Historical Revenue Tax (PST) Information

Contractor's Return for Remitting Revenue Tax (PST)

Declaration of Revenue Tax (PST) Collected from Liquor Sales

Supplementary Return for Motor Vehicle Dealers

Justice Programs and Services

Amending the Charter (Letters Patent) of a Company

Ancient Burial Grounds Act

Annual Return for Non-profit Corporation

Auctioneers Act

Business Name Registration - Partnership

Business Name Registration - Sole Proprietorship

Business Name Registration - Trade Name for a Corporation

Business Practices Act

Business Registration - Extra-Provincial Corporations

Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan - CAMVAP

Cemeteries Act

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Change of Registered Office of a Corporation

Charities Act


Collection Agencies

Collection Agencies Act

Complaining Effectively

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Consumer Protection Act

Consumer Reporting Act

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Prearranged Funerals Services Act

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Securities Legislation in Canada

Land Information

Inspection and Reappraisal Of Property

Online Services and Products

GeoLinc Plus

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Signage Review

Tourism Performance - Current Month

Tourism Performance - Year End

Property Tax Credits and Programs

Bona Fide Farmer Status Program

Farm Building Assessment

Farm Use Assessment

Grants-in-Lieu of Property Taxes

Provincial Tax Credit

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program

Property Tax and Assessment

Authorization to Send Assessment Notice and Property Charges to Other Party

Property Tax Refund

Questionnaire/Verification on Income Producing Properties

Request for Change of Assessed Owner's Name and Address

Request for Payment of Outstanding Sewer and Water Charges from Proceeds of a Property Tax Sale

Provincial Government

Congratulatory Messages

Registering Your Business

Corporate/Business Names Registry

Revenue Tax (PST)

Making Revenue Tax (PST) and Environment Tax Payments

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Gift Cards Act

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Tenders and Procurement

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Tobacco Tax

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Tobacco Manufacturer's Wholesale Vendors License and Retail Vendor's License

Tourism Operators

Canadian Tourism Commission

Island Welcome Centre Program

Licensed Tourism Accommodations

Provincial Hosting Grant

Quality Tourism Services

Regional Tourism Associations

Tourism Accommodation/Campground License

Tourism Industry Act

Tourism PEI Funding Programs

Visitor's Guide and Website Listings

Tourism PEI Trade and Sales Team

Auto Clubs

Cruise Ships to PEI Schedules

Group Tour/FIT

RV Tour Planning

Trade and Sales Team

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