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Life in Prince Edward Island

When measured against nine key factors that influence overall quality of life, this is how life in Prince Edward Island stacks up:

  • Public Security: PEI has a relatively low crime rate in Canada.

  • Housing Standards: PEI has the third highest home ownership rate in the country as a result of our affordable housing.

  • Fitness of Habitation: No significant risk from natural disasters or by man-made hazardous waste industries.

  • Communications: PEI offers one of the most sophisticated telecommunications networks in the world.

  • Education:PEI offers all levels of education to meet your family's needs.

  • Public Health: Every resident has access to free, high quality health care.

  • Peace and Quiet: A peaceful and tranquil environment.

  • Traffic: Commuting to work and getting around in your spare time has never been easier.

  • Air Quality: PEI offers superb air quality.


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