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Strathgartney Nature Trail

This trail has a steep gradient in some area but is navigable by anyone who likes to walk and enjoys a small challenge. The eastern side of the trail slopes downhill, while the western side is uphill all the way. The well-established trail is shaded and should provide a leisurely one or two hour walk. The trail is 1.5 kilometres in length.

The nature trail spans two properties, the Strathgartney Homestead and Strathgartney Provincial Park. This area is part of the central Queens County hills and affords a magnificent view of the West River. Although the site has a rich cultural history, a trail brochure will concentrate on natural features that occur at seventeen marked points on the trail. As on other nature trails only a few specific topics and natural features can be discussed. While each feature has merit in its own right, it does not exist in isolation but is a part of a natural community, in which it has a specific role. Thus, it is affected by what goes on around it and in turn has its affect on others.



(On the Trans Canada Highway, 20 km west of Charlottetown)

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