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Indian Head Lighthouse

Built in 1881.

Located at the end of a long rockpile breakwater at the entrance to Summerside Harbour, its closest vantage point is MacCallum's Point, where the breakwater starts. Follow Route 112 through Bedeque, Lower Bedeque and out the unpaved dead-end road to the point. Do not attempt to walk out along the breakwater. It may look easy and harmless, but should the tide come in while you are out on the breakwater you could have a difficult trip back to shore, or be trapped. Best to do your viewing from the shore. If you want to eliminate the drive out to the point, the lighthouse is quite visible from most places along the Summerside waterfront. Note the unique shape.

Height in meters above ground: 12.9


Lower Bedeque

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Indian Head Lighthouse


Indian Head Lighthouse



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