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Malpeque Harbour Approach Range Rear

This is actually a large steel tower with an enclosed upper portion. It is located on Fish Island; part of the north shore dune system separating Malpeque Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It is best viewed from Cabot Beach Provincial Park. Follow Blue Heron Drive, Route 20 to Malpeque. From here follow the signs to the park. You should be able to spot it while looking across the entrance of the bay.

There was once another lighthouse on Fish Island, List of Lights 1066. A storm wiped out nearly 200' of dunes and the lighthouse ended up out on the newformed beach with a 20 degree lean. A steel tower was erected in its place and the wooden structure was relocated to Cabot Beach Provincial Park as an attraction only. It is no longer an official lighthouse but can be seen in the park. If interested, ask park staff for directions to it through the woods.



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Malpeque Harbour Approach Range Rear



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