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St. Peters Harbour Lighthouse

The lighthouse was constructed in 1865 and is 10.4m in height. This tower is typical of the broad-based, steeply-sloping short towers. There is no record of a lightkeepers dwellings. The main tower seems to be on its original site, though it was apparently located on a breakwater. The nearby range lights were moved frequently, as often as 2-3 times per year.

To get to the lighthouse, turn off the King's Byway Route 2 between Bristol and Morell. There is a lane going down to the shore to some cottages. This is not a good road to travel in the early spring due to mud. At the bottom of this lane you'll get your first look at the lighthouse. If the road is dry enough, drive around the body of water to the end of the road and the turning area. Otherwise, enjoy the walk. It's hard to imagine small ships once tied up to the wharf next to this lighthouse, but they did. The lighthouse wasn't moved since then. Instead, the sand shifted until it hid all evidence of a harbour.


St. Peters Harbour

(St. Peters Harbour Road)
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St. Peters Lighthouse


St. Peters Harbour Lighthouse



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