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What is InfoPEI?

InfoPEI is a comprehensive reference source to life on Prince Edward Island. With information on everything from fire departments to hiking trails, we have attempted to include any and all information that might be of use to someone living, vacationing, working, and learning on Prince Edward Island.

We are supported by...

For more information on the people and organizations which have assisted in the creation of InfoPEI, see our credits page.

InfoPEI Organization

Information in InfoPEI is organized into categories, listings and websites. Categories -- like Art, Culture and Heritage and Emergency -- contain sub-categories -- like Art Galleries and Ambulance as well as listings and websites. Listings contain all of the information we have on file about a particular resource: contact information, description, location, hours and so on. Websites provide pointers to Internet resources, either on our website or on others', which provide additional information on a resource.

Keeping InfoPEI Current

InfoPEI is constantly being updated by a distributed team of information managers. In general, the people closest to the information in question are the people maintaining it: Health and Social Services staff keep the health-related information up to date, for example. All updating is done using a custom-built web-based interface.

If you find information in InfoPEI that you know to be incorrect, or if you have additional information that you think should be added to any listing, simply select the Making Corrections link at the bottom of every page.

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