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E9-1-1 Service Cost Recovery Fee

As of September 01, 2012 the 911 Cost Recovery Fee will be increasing by .20 cents to .70 cents per telephone line. The cost recovery fee is applied to defray the costs of providing the E9-1-1 service throughout the province. The operating costs have been continually increasing since the fee was introduced in 2005 and this increase will offset the increased costs over the past seven years.


  • What is the 911 service cost recovery fee?

    The 911 service cost recovery fee is a monthly charge, shared by telephone subscribers, to ensure that the province's 911 system remains up to date and continues to provide emergency services to all Prince Edward Island residents.

  • How much will the increased 911 Cost Recovery fee be?

    The provincial 911 cost recovery fee is increasing to 70 cents. This fee will be per line or, in the case of a cellular phone, per working telephone number.

  • Why is the 911 Cost Recovery fee increasing?

    This minimal increase of .20 cents per month will offset the day to day costs of delivering the service, which have been continually increasing every year for the past seven years.

  • What exactly will this fee cover?

    The fee will cover the province’s costs of providing the 911 service. The province provides overall administration of the system, including the training of 911 call takers, educating the public about the availability and use of the system, responding to complaints or inquiries, establishing operating procedures and quality control auditing.

    The fee will also offset the costs associated with maintenance of civic addressing, which is the foundation of the 911 system, and maintenance of 911 equipment. The fee will also cover other programs which are necessary for the provision of a 911 service for all PEI residents. For example, enhanced address ranging initiatives, equipment upgrades, and digitized mapping will improve the quality of service to cellular 911 callers.

  • When will the increase to the provincial cost recovery fee start?

    September 1, 2012

  • Who will pay this increased fee?

    Telephone subscribers - both land line and cellular - share the benefits of the E911 service. Therefore both landline and mobile telephone subscribers will share the cost of maintaining the service.

  • Will PEI residents have to pay a fee every time they call 911?

    No. Residents will not have to pay a fee every time they call 911. With this set monthly cost recovery fee, local telephone subscribers will share the cost of the service. All PEI residents are potential users of the service and have a vested interest in its upkeep.

  • Is PEI the only province which is going to charge for 911?

    No. Emergency 911 services are funded in this manner in, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

  • Now that the system is up and running, shouldn’t it be costing less to run it? Why increase a fee now?

    PEI residents deserve to have the most effective and efficient 911 service available. Changes in technology require investment to ensure the PEI 911 system remains effective. It is necessary to refresh aging equipment and major modifications to the system will be necessary to accommodate the increasing quantity of cellular calls to 911. As the technology continues to evolve, more changes will be required in order for the 911 system to keep pace.

  • Is the fee going to be charged per customer, or per phone line?

    The fee will be charged per telephone line. If one customer has more than one telephone line in his/her home or business, each line will be subject to the fee. However, if a customer has three telephones, but all phones are on the same line, he/she will only pay the fee once.

  • Will the fee apply to Internet lines?

    The fee will apply on all lines that have the capability of placing an outside call.

  • Why is there currently a monthly charge appearing on telephone bills on PEI which refers to “911 Service”?

    The increased government 911 cost recovery fee is separate from existing 911 fees currently being charged by your telephone service provider. Should you have any questions regarding that particular fee, please contact your provider directly. None of the revenue from such a fee has gone or will go to the province.

    For Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission contact information go to CRTC Website or call toll free 1-877-249-2782.

    If you have any further questions regarding the provincial 911 Service Cost Recovery Fee, please contact our 911 Administration office at (902) 894-0385.

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