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Crown Attorneys' Office

The Crown Attorneys’ Office is mandated to represent the Attorney General of the province in all aspects of his prosecutorial function.  The Crown Attorneys’ Office prosecutes offences under the Criminal Code of Canada, the Youth Criminal Justice Act and provincial statutes in the Provincial, Supreme and Appeal Courts of Prince Edward Island and in the Supreme Court of Canada.  The Crown Attorneys’ Office also provides legal advice on criminal law to government ministries and the police, and develops policies and procedures on issues relating to the prosecution of criminal cases. The policies that guide the conduct of criminal prosecutions can be found at Conduct of Criminal Prosecutions in PEI.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Crown Attorneys’ Division is to ensure fair and equal treatment in prosecuting offences.

Vision Statement

In attempting to achieve its mission, the Crown Attorneys’ Division contributes to the government’s priority of fulfilling its social responsibility for providing for public safety.

In order to accomplish its mission, the Crown Attorneys’ Division has set the following goals:

  1. providing a prosecutorial service that reflects professional competency, dedication to public service and high ethical standards;
  2. providing a prosecutorial service that identifies and allocates the resources required to carry out its mission;
  3. providing within the prosecutorial service an environment that allows for the independent exercise of prosecutorial discretion; and
  4. providing a prosecutorial service that is reflective of the community it serves.

Main Activities

  1. Provide advice to the police, upon their request;
  2. Provide advice to provincial government departments, upon their request, concerning enforcement and prosecutions under provincial legislation that may lead to prosecutions;
  3. Represent the Crown at judicial interim release (bail) hearings and preliminary inquiries in indictable criminal matters;
  4. Prosecute Criminal Code, Youth Criminal Justice Act, and provincial statute offences;
  5. Represent the Attorney General in criminal appeals before the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island;
  6. Represent the Attorney General in criminal appeals before the Supreme Court of Canada;
  7. Arrange and deal with criminal charges transferred to and from this province;
  8. Act for the Crown pursuant to the provisions of the Coroner’s Act;
  9. Defend against constitutional challenges to provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada, the Youth Criminal Justice Act and provincial statute offences;
  10. Participate in the Alternative Measures Program for young offenders and adult offenders;
  11. Represent the Attorney General on the Criminal Code Review Board;
  12. Conduct criminal law refresher programs with the various police agencies in the province; and
  13. Participate on a number of federal/provincial/territorial committees and consult with task forces in relation to various criminal law initiatives, which include:
    1. DNA Data Bank;
    2. Firearms Act;
    3. Corrections and Conditional Release Act  review;
    4. Youth Criminal Justice Act;
    5. Cross-Border Crime;
    6. National High Risk Offender flagging system;
    7. FPT Sentencing Working Group;
    8. Victims Services Advisory Committee;
    9. Strategy for the Renewal of Youth Justice;
    10. Repeat Impaired Driving Project;
    11. Aboriginal Community Justice Working Group;
    12. Interagency Committee on Family Violence;
    13. Uniform Law Conference (Criminal Law Section);
    14. Organized Crime; and
    15. Anti-Terrorism.


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