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Youth Justice Services

The goal of Youth Justice Services is to provide a meaningful multi-disciplinary approach to intervention with youth and families with the intent of reducing the incidence of youth crime and the entry of young people into the formal justice system. Youth Justice Services delivers the following province-wide community-based correctional programs and services for young people and the youth criminal justice courts:  

 Youth Probation

 • Supervision and enforcement of youth probation orders;
 • Case management based on a client’s assessed needs and specific requirements of the case (e.g., court orders), which may include referral to a variety of community-based services, including individual or group treatment/education programs, for example, alcohol and/or drug treatment programs, education programs, mental health services, anger management programs, life skills and employment preparation programs; parenting programs, the Turning Point Program, the Sexual Deviancy Assessment and Treatment Program; and a variety of other programs or services that address presenting problems; support the needs of a particular client and the conditions/requirements of his/her sentence or disposition;
 • Investigation and preparation of pre-sentence and progress reports;
 • The development and management of alternative measures agreements for youth  cases referred through Crown Counsel;
 • Supervision and management of deferred custody and supervision orders, and the community portion of custody and community supervision orders;
 • Processing and management of youth cases under the provincial Fine Option Program; and
 • Ensuring appropriate action and follow-up in cases of default or non-compliance with court orders and/or alternative measures agreements. 

 Alternative Residential Placements

 • This program consists of financial resources to contract with private homes across the province.  After screening and departmental approval, the placements can be contracted to provide residential resources for high risk/high need youth in need of safe, structured residential care outside of, or as a complement to, their natural homes.

 Community Youth Worker

 • One-to-one casework, counselling and support services;
 • Community supervision and support for high risk youth and their families;
 • Support to alternative residential placements and youth within these homes through regular contact, consultation, case management and liaison with other agencies and community organizations;
 • Facilitation of preventative programs for youth and their families within the community; and
 • Active involvement in sustainable community development initiatives designed to support youth at risk in their own communities.

 Youth Intervention Outreach Program

 • A community-based intervention service working directly with police agencies to assist  youth and families with problems where the police have identified youth behaviour that places them at risk for actual, or potential, conflict with the law.

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