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Legal Services

Mission Statement

The mission of the Legal Services Section is to fulfill the constitutional mandate of the Attorney General, as chief law officer of the Crown, by providing quality legal services to the Government of Prince Edward Island.

Main Activities

The Legal Services Section is responsible for Government's civil law matters.  Solicitors employed in the section provide comprehensive legal advice and legal services to government, including alternate dispute resolution services, and act for government in civil suits and tribunal proceedings.  The following represents the types of legal service provided to government.

• Represent the Director of Child Welfare before the Supreme Court with respect to the protection of children

• Represent the Director of Maintenance Enforcement before the Supreme Court in the enforcement of court ordered financial support

• Appear before the Island Regulatory and Appeals Tribunal on ministerial appeals

• Represent the Government Self-Insurance and Risk Management Fund

• Represent the Government in civil matters before the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island and civil           appeals before the Prince Edward Island Court of Appeal

• Represent the Government in civil appeals before the Supreme Court of Canada

• Provide legal opinions on a wide range of matters to all government departments and to some commissions,   agencies and Crown corporations

• Participate on a number of federal/provincial/territorial committees such as Forum on Management Issues,     Aboriginal Law, Charter Conference.


Service Location

42 Water Street

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