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Emergency Management Training

Training and education is a critical part of your emergency management program. The PEI Office of Public Safety offers a variety of courses both in classroom and self-study.

Below is a brief overview of courses currently available.


Exercise Design 100 (EXD) - Self Study


  • The Exercise Design course provides an introduction to the principles of designing an exercise, an awareness of some of the challenges and benefits, and an introduction to the vocabulary used.
  • Course outline


Incident Command 100 (ICS 100) - Self Study


  • The Incident Command 100 is designed to help you learn the principles of the Incident Command System and to briefly acquaint you with the basic ICS structure and terminology.
  • Course outline



Basic Emergency Management (BEM) - 1 day

  • This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of emergency management and an overview of the emergency management process including, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.
  • Course outline

Advanced Training Courses:

Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) - 2 Days (1 Day Theory/1 Day Exercise)

  • This course prepares participants to carry out their roles as members of an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) team. The EOC course trains participants to effectively manage and coordinate the overall operations within their municipalities, while also providing the necessary support to the site during a multi-service response to an emergency.
  • Prerequisite: Basic Emergency Management and Incident Command 100
  • Course outline

Exercise Design 200 (EXD - 200) - 2 Days

  • The Exercise Design 200 course provides the principles and teaches the 5 phases of exercise design which will assist in creating an effective and efficient exercise program. At the end of the two days participants will have the skills necessary to design an exercise that will effectively test agency or organizational emergency management plans.
  • Prerequisite: Exercise Design 100.
  • Course outline

Emergency Public Information (EPI) - 1 Day

  • This course will familiarize participants with the basic principles of crisis communications, including tips for dealing with the media, understanding your target audience, drafting key messages, writing press releases and other media documents, using social media and writing a crisis communications plan for your organization. 
  • Completion of the Basic Emergency Management Course is considered an asset.
  • Course outline

Incident Command System 200 (ICS - 200) - 2 Days

  • The Incident Command System  200 teaches participants the fundamental principle features of the Incident Command System, the organizational structure, incident resources, facilities and responsibilities while on assignments
  • Prerequisite: Incident Command 100
  • Course outline

Incident Command System 300 (ICS - 300) - 3 Days

  • The Incident Command System 300 prepares participants to carry out their roles as members of the ICS structure. Topics that will be covered are organizational and staffing, organizing for incidents and events, resource management, air operations, command and general staff, unified command and major incident management.
  • Prerequisite: Incident Command 200
  • Please contact our office for more information.

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