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Municipalities & Businesses

The Office of Public Safety works closely with provincial agencies, boards, commissions and departments, as well as private industry, to ensure effective emergency management in the province.

If provincial involvement is required the Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) offers advice and assistance to Municipalities through coordination of provincial resources and advice to keep emergency response at the most appropriate level.

Emergency Management Plans

A comprehensive emergency management program is necessary for your community's public safety. The Municipal Emergency Management Guide outlines the key components and steps to help you develop plans, create exercises and ensure resources have been identified before an emergency occurs. Everyone has a role preparing for emergencies. Prior to, during, and after an emergency, Municipalities have several key responsibilities.

The Office of Public Safety can assist Municipalities to conduct Municipal Risk Assessments, and plan, train and exercise emergency response systems. A Public Safety Officer can speak to Council on Municipal Emergency Management, or conduct a community presentation on Personal Preparedness - contact us for more details.

Hazard Risk Assessment

The first step in the planning process is to understand the risks in your community. The Municipal self assessment tool will municipalities identify the key areas of focus and ensure hazards are clearly understood.

Emergency Planning Templates

The templates available here can help Municipalities and Businesses create an emergency plan specific to the community or business requirements. All plans are available in both Microsoft word or fillable PDF format.

Business Continuity Management

The Office of Public Safety strongly encourages the development of business continuity planning, regardless of the size of the business or municipality. Business Continuity Management will help ensure that your business or municipality develops strategies to deliver urgently required services during emergencies and enable the resumption ofnormal operations as promptly and efficiently as possible after an emergency. A guide to Business Continuity.

Crisis Communication Planning

A crisis communication plan is a vital part of emergency preparedness and response. Your crisis communication plan should clearly outline the steps your organization will take in the event of a crisis, who is responsible for taking these steps, and how to communicate with your clients and/or the public. Businesses and organizations can contact the Office of Public Safety for more information and a plan template.

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