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Fire Safety: Hurricanes

The following fire safety tips should be practiced at all times, but especially during a severe weather event, such as a hurricane or ice storm, where prolonged power outages are possible.

Smoke Alarms:

• Make sure that battery -operated (battery back-up) smoke detectors are working at all times and located outside of sleeping areas of the home, preferably on each level of your home.

• Install battery operated Carbon Monoxide detectors near sleeping areas.


• Keep candles away from constable materials, secure them in a solid container and protect them with a glass chimney.

• Never leave candles unattended.

Heating and Cooking:

• Propane and charcoal barbeques must never be used inside the home.

• Generators must never be brought or used inside the home for any reason.

• Portable space heaters should be used only with the fuel for which they were designed. Keep all heaters at least one metre (3 feet) away from combustibles including furniture, drapes and clothing.

• If your fireplace or wood-stove has not been used for a long time, the chimney should be checked by a professional technician before using.

• Keep a window open to provide necessary ventilation.

• Before going to bed, do a check of every room to make sure candles are out and heaters are off.

• Spend some time each day outside in the fresh air.

In Case of Fire:

• Follow your family's home escape plan (everyone should know two ways out of the house and have a prearranged meeting place outside).

• Get everyone out of the house immediately and call 911 from a neighbour's home.

• Do not re-enter the house for any reason!

Any questions or comments should be directed to the Provincial Fire Marshal`s Office (902) 368-4869.

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