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Campaign 9-1-1

10 Possible signs of an impaired driver 

  • Drifting in and out of lane
  • Driving unreasonably fast, slow or at an inconsistent speed
  • Tailgating and changing lanes frequently
  • Making exceptionally wide turns
  • Changing lanes or passing without sufficient clearance
  • Over shooting or stopping well before stop signs or stop lights
  • Disregarding signals and lights
  • Approaching signals or leaving intersections too quickly or slowly
  • Driving with windows open in inclement weather
  • Driving without headlights, failing to lower high beams or leaving turn signals on

What to do if you see a driver you think is impaired

  • Pull over and call 911
  • State the location
  • Report which direction the vehicle is travelling
  • Describe the vehicle as best you can
  • Describe what type of driving behavior is being exhibited
  • Provide a description of the driver if you can

MADD Radio Commercial

MADD Videos

Here are some more MADD videos.

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