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Give The Gift Of Safety

Fire extinguisher

A multi-purpose dry chemical fire extinguisher may enable a homeowner to fight a small fire wood, paper, cloth, flammable liquids or electrical fire. . . but if the fire gets large, get out and call 911.

Emergency pet supplies

Don't forget your furry friends; they need protection too. Plan ahead to keep your pets safe in an emergency.

Civic address sign

A new civic address sign could save a life. Over time the signs get damaged or hidden behind bushes. Emergency responders can't help you if they can't find you.

Corded phone

In a power outage, cordless home phones won’t work. Make sure at least one phone in your home is a corded phone so you can call for emergency help if needed.

Flashlight and radio

A battery operated flashlight and radio is a must on everyone's list. The hand crank kinds are even better; no searching for batteries in the dark.


Non-perishable food is one of the main staples in your home emergency preparedness kit. Remember to replace the food annually to ensure freshness. Checklist for emergency kit:

Emergency car kit

You can purchase a vehicle emergency kit, or make your own with food such as nuts and energy bars, a blanket, a whistle, etc.

First aid kit

Every home needs a First Aid kit and what a thoughtful gift!

Smoke alarms

Working smoke alarms and CO2 alarms save lives!

Auto or solar cell charger

Not only will an auto cell phone charger help you keep your phone charged on the road, but in a power outage, you can recharge your phone in your own driveway (never run a car in an enclosed garage). A solar-powered cell phone charger would be a cool & useful holiday gift.


In an extended power outage, you may be able to purchase necessary items from a neighbourhood store, but debit and credit card machines won't work. Keep some emergency cash in small bills in your emergency kit.

Cell phone case

When you accidentally call 911, you could be putting someone else's life in danger. Store your cell phone in a covered case so your phone can't accidentally call 911.

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