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Sheriff Services

Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs are officers of the court who have the authority to enforce orders from the courts of Prince Edward Island. Sheriff services include safety and security at all court locations, management of inmates and young offenders, jury management, as well as collection on writs of execution.

Writ Collection

Once a judgement is ordered, a plaintiff may decide to file a writ against a defendant. When a writ is filed with Sheriff Services, a demand letter is issued to inform the debtor that the Sheriff has the authority to seize and sell real and personal property. If a debtor does not comply with demands, the following are some of the collection tools that may be used:
  • wage garnishment;
  • seizure of bank accounts;
  • seizure of vehicles;
  • seizure of property

Searches can also be carried out to determine other assets of a debtor. If a debtor owns real property, the plaintiff's lawyer can start proceedings against the property four months after Sheriff Services has received the writ. Funds collected are disbursed in accordance with the order in which writs of execution have been filed and are subject to fees and commission,  which are added to the principal amount of the judgment.

Service of Documents

Certain civil documents such as orders to appear in court, statements of claim and petitions must be served on the respondent(s). To serve a document is to deliver the document to someone in accordance with the Rules of Court.

Sheriff Services do not serve documents for the private sector, other than those issued from out of province. Private sector servers can be found in the yellow pages under the heading of Process Servers.

Repossessions, Mortgage Sales and Auctions

The Sheriff’s Office also executes other orders, including repossessions and auctions under personal property security agreements and evictions under the Landlord and Tenant Act.

Other services include acting as auctioneer for mortgage sales, tax sales and auctions conducted for property seized under a writ of execution.

What information do I need to provide to have an execution order served?

All Execution Orders must be followed with a letter of instruction and the appropriate fees for service. The letter of instruction should include information such as the defendant's address, telephone number, place of employment, bank account information and property subject to seizure.


  • $125 and $10 notary fee (plus mileage) for up to three attempts, whether or not successful, to serve a claim, third party claim, summons to witness, notice of examination or notice of garnishment issued out of another jurisdiction, for each person to be served at the same address;

  • $100 and 10% of the amount realized plus mileage and all reasonable expenses and disbursements necessarily incurred including, without limitation, fees for towing, appraisals and storage for the execution of an enforcement order or a seizure under a written authorization to act as agent;

  • $125 (plus mileage) to enforce an eviction order

  • $100 to book a mortgage sale or tax sale

  • $150 to connduct a mortgage sale or tax sale

  • $75 to conduct a judgment debtor exam

  • $50 per hour is charged for each sheriff performing services, in addition to the fees set out above;

  • travel costs for services are charged at Treasury Board rates.

Contact Information

All services are based along county lines. Contact your respective Sheriff's Office noted below.

Queens / Kings County Sheriff Office
Telephone: (902) 368-6055
Fax: (902) 368-6571
Prince County Sheriff Office

Telephone: (902) 888-8191
Fax: (902) 432-2756

Service Location

42 Water Street

Summerside Law Courts

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