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Films Act

The Films Act regulates operators of retail video outlets in Prince Edward Island. The act relies on the Nova Scotia Amusements Regulation Board to view, approve and classify films for video outlets operating in the province. All videos for sale or rent in the province must be labelled with the categories approved by the Nova Scotia Board. Videos which have not been approved cannot be rented or sold. Inspectors appointed under the Films Act can enter and examine video outlets and can seize videos which have not been approved or which are not properly labelled.

Operators are responsible for obtaining their classification stickers directly from the Nova Scotia Board and are required to superimpose Nova Scotia stickers if the Nova Scotia classification differs from a pre-existing classification on the film. Operators of a video outlet shall not sell, lease, rent, exchange or distribute any film that has been classified by the board (a) as "Explicit Material"; or (b) as "Restricted" with a caption of "Graphic Sexual Content", to any person under the age of 18 years.

For more information regarding the classification of films see the Films Classification


The Films Act is available online as a PDF document.

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