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Amending the Charter (Letters Patent) of a Company

To make changes to the charter of a company through the application for Supplementary Letters Patent, please contact the Consumer, Corporate & Insurance Division of the Department of Justice and Public Safety.

Applying for Supplementary Letters Patent

Any company incorporated under the Companies Act may, by a resolution passed by a vote of at least two-thirds in value of the total shareholders at a special general meeting called for the purpose, authorize the directors to apply to the Department of Justice and Public Safety for supplementary letters patent. Please refer to Sections 17, 18, 35 and 36 of the Companies Act for further information.

The fee for processing an application for supplementary letters patent is $265.00 payable to the Provincial Treasurer.

Please note that the Application for Supplementary Letters Patent form must be filed in duplicate.


Form 07 - Application for Supplementary Letters Patent

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