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Canadian Human Rights Act

  1. The Canadian Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination on PEI, but ONLY applies to situations that are within federal jurisdiction.
  2. Discrimination is the unequal, stereotypical and prejudical treatment of persons.
  3. Discrimination is prohibited in these situations:
    • employment
    • leasing property
    • advertising
    • offering accommodations, services or facilities to the public
    • membership in and referrals by employee organizations.
  4. Discrimination on the basis of any of the following grounds is prohibited:
    • age
    • colour
    • ethnic or national origin
    • family status
    • marital status
    • pardoned criminal conviction
    • physical or mental disability
    • race
    • religion
    • sexual orientation
    • sex (including pregnancy and sexual harassment)
    • retaliation against someone for filing a complaint
    • display or pre-recorded telephonic communication of hate messages
For more information contact: Atlantic Regional Office, 5475 Spring Garden Road, Suite 203, PO Box 3545, Halifax NS B3J 3J2, 902-426-8380, (fax)902-426-2685,
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