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Positive Parenting From Two Homes

Positive Parenting from Two Homes is a cost-free information program for parents who are separating, divorcing, or parenting from two homes. Parents attend separate sessions.

How are the sessions organized?

These information sessions are presented as two three-hour sessions, one week apart by trained facilitators. Parents learn to understand their own feelings and their children's needs. They also learn to develop a business-like relationship with the other parent. During the sessions, individual situations are not discussed. Facilitators are available at the break and the end of the session for individual consultations. Confidentiality is maintained.


Where is the program offered?

Programs are offered in various regions across the province.

What topics are discussed?

  • positive parenting
  • other people in children's lives
  • parents' grief
  • children's grief
  • what children need
  • developmental ages and stages
  • when parents' issues get in the way
  • domestic violence
  • legal information
  • conflict resolution
  • decision making
  • parenting plans
  • mediation
  • how to develop a business-like relationship with the other parent


There is no cost to attend. To register, call one of the numbers listed below and leave your name and telephone number.

General Contact Information

(902) 368-4333

Service Location

Family Law Centre

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