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Minimum Wage Order

If you are an employee under the Employment Standards Act, that is, if you are not a member of a labour union, or if you are an employer with employees who have no union, then the Minimum Wage Order is important to you. This information sheet tells you about the Minimum Wage Order.

What the Minimum Wage Order Does

First, the Minimum Wage Order sets wage rates. A wage rate is the amount of money an employer pays an employee for each hour of work.  The Minimum Wage Order sets the minimum Wage rate, which is the least amount of money an employer must pay an employee for each hour of work.

Second, the Minimum Wage Order sets employment Standards for the cost of board, lodging and meals.

                       Minimum Wage Order

1.  The minimum rate of wages for all employees shall be:

1 June 2016 $10.75 per hour
1 October 2016 $11.00 per hour

Room and Board

2. (1) Effective 1 May 2009, the maximum amounts that may be deducted from the wages of an employee where the employer furnishes board and lodging are as follows:

Board and Lodging $56.00 per week
Board Only $45.00 per week
Lodging Only $25.00 per week
Single Meals $3.75 per meal

(2) No charge is to be made for a meal not received by an employee.  In no case shall the employee's pay, after board and lodging deductions, be a lesser amount than the minimum rate less the price schedule shown in this Order.

3. These regulations come into force upon approval by Executive Council.


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