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Statutes and Regulations of Prince Edward Island

The following is a list of the Statutes of Prince Edward Island, and most of their regulations, for which the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries is responsible. Click on any title to see the full text of the Statute or regulation of interest as an Acrobat file. You can also view an alphabetical list of all Statutes, and most of their regulations or search by keyword to find Statutes and regulations containing a particular word or phrase.

Agriculture and Fisheries
top    A
Agricultural Insurance Act [169 KB]
General Regulations [405 KB]
Commodity Diversification Risk Protection Program Regulations [271 KB]
Livestock Insurance Regulations [357 KB]
Agricultural Products Standards Act [159 KB]
Grain Grading Regulations [277 KB]
Agrologists Act [191 KB]
Animal Health and Protection Act [202 KB]
Animal Protection Regulations [250 KB]
Bee Health Regulations [100 KB]
Premises Identification Regulations [88 KB]
Swine Importation Regulations [96 KB]
Apiary Inspection Act (Repealed) [15 KB]
Artificial Insemination Act (Repealed) [69 KB]
top    C
Certified Fisheries Organizations Support Act [163 KB]
General Regulations [78 KB]
Companion Animal Protection Act [199 KB]
General Regulations [281 KB]
Housing Standards for Cats and Dogs in Companion Animal Establishments Regulations [268 KB]
top    D
Dairy Industry Act (Repealed) [70 KB]
Dairy Producers Act [180 KB]
Dog Act [171 KB]
General Regulations [272 KB]
Commencement of Proceeding Form Regulations [85 KB]
top    F
Farm Implement Act (Repealed) [16 KB]
Farm Machinery Dealers and Vendors Act [274 KB]
Farm Practices Act [182 KB]
General Regulations [286 KB]
Farm Organizations Regulations [252 KB]
Farm Registration and Farm Organizations Funding Act [159 KB]
Registration Fees Regulations [305 KB]
Fences and Detention of Stray Livestock (Repealed) [43 KB]
Fish Inspection Act [251 KB]
General Regulations [193 KB]
Fisheries Act [162 KB]
General Regulations [114 KB]
Lobster Marketing Levy Regulations [185 KB]
top    G
Grain Elevators Corporation Act [163 KB]
top    L
Livestock Community Auction Sales Act (Repealed) [6 KB]
top    N
Natural Products Marketing Act [219 KB]
Appeals Procedure Regulations [276 KB]
Cattle Marketing Board Regulations [249 KB]
Dairy Farmers of Prince Edward Island Regulations [112 KB]
Egg Commodity Marketing Regulations [126 KB]
Hog Commodity Marketing Regulations [125 KB]
Lobster Marketing Board Regulations [234 KB]
Potato Marketing Plan Regulations [141 KB]
Poultry Meat Commodity Marketing Regulations [133 KB]
Prince Edward Island Marketing Council Regulations [291 KB]
Turkey Marketing Commission Plan Regulations [284 KB]
top    P
Plant Health Act [170 KB]
Potatoes Regulations [229 KB]
Poultry and Poultry Products Act (Repealed) [40 KB]
top    S
Stray Livestock Act [81 KB]
Capture and Impoundment Regulations [276 KB]
top    V
Veterinary Profession Act [171 KB]
top    W
Weed Control Act [159 KB]
Purple Loosestrife Control Regulations [253 KB]
Women's Institute Act [85 KB]
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