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Statutes and Regulations of Prince Edward Island

The following is a list of the Statutes of Prince Edward Island, and most of their regulations, for which the Minister of Family and Human Services is responsible. Click on any title to see the full text of the Statute or regulation of interest as an Acrobat file. You can also view an alphabetical list of all Statutes, and most of their regulations or search by keyword to find Statutes and regulations containing a particular word or phrase.

Family and Human Services
top    A
Adoption Act (Repealed) [15 KB]
Adoption Act [153 KB]
General Regulations [199 KB]
Supported Adoption Regulations [311 KB]
top    C
Child Protection Act [259 KB]
General Regulations [100 KB]
top    F
Family and Child Services Act (Repealed) [17 KB]
top    H
Health Authorities' Employees Act (Repealed) [76 KB]
Housing Corporation Act [168 KB]
Second Mortgage Loan Program Regulations [277 KB]
top    I
Intercountry Adoption (Hague Convention) Act [191 KB]
top    R
Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons Act [162 KB]
top    S
Social Assistance Act [177 KB]
General Regulations [153 KB]
Social Work Act [118 KB]
Certification Regulations [202 KB]
Standards and Discipline Regulations [102 KB]
top    W
Welfare Assistance Act (Renamed) [12 KB]
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